Monster Truck Drive Mad
Monster Truck Drive Mad

Monster Truck Drive Mad


Monster Truck Drive Mad



Monster Truck Drive Mad is a thrilling racing game in which players control powerful monster trucks. The game takes place in a lot of different harsh settings, and you have to learn how to handle rough terrain, do amazing tricks, and get past tough hurdles. 

Instructions to Play

To play Monster Truck Drive Mad, you must first pick out your monster truck from a garage full of different cars. The speed, longevity, and driving style of each truck are all different. You can steer with either the on-screen controller or the arrow keys. To change speed, press the gas and stop buttons. You have to get through difficult tracks that are full of jumps, mud pits, and other hazards. Your goal is to get to the finish line without crashing while doing tricks. When you complete a level, you receive prizes that you can use to improve your truck or buy new ones.

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