Drift Hunters 2
Drift Hunters 2

Drift Hunters 2


Drift Hunters 2



Drift Hunters 2 is a free 3D drift game that offers an exhilarating drifting experience for players who enjoy high-speed racing. You can drift your car around amazing tracks from all over the world. Many of these tracks will look familiar to anyone who likes motorsports. There are a lot of different types of drift cars, so you can find one that fits the way you drive.

Drift aficionados adore Drift Hunters 2 because of the realistic physics it provides, which will teach you the art of drifting and help you perfect your tracks.


  • A wide range of fully upgradeable, tuneable drift cars for you to choose from.
  • Upgrade the performance of your car.
  • Visual car customization.
  • Five incredible tracks.
  • Realistic drift physics.

How To Play

  • UP: Gas
  • DOWN: Brake
  • LEFT: Steer left
  • RIGHT: Steer right
  • SPACE BAR: Handbrake
  • C: Change camera
  • Left SHIFT: Shift up gear
  • Left CTRL: Shift down gear

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