Snow Plowing Simulator
Snow Plowing Simulator

Snow Plowing Simulator


Snow Plowing Simulator



In Snow Plowing Simulator, players control a powerful snowplow and must clear snow from streets, country roads, and highways. Each mission has its own challenges, from harsh weather and heavy snowfall to navigating crowded streets and narrow alleys. Therefore, to ensure safe roads for everyone, players must use their skillful driving skills.

How to play:

  • Start by picking from different detailed snowplow models, each with special features. 
  • Use a keyboard, mouse, or game controller to drive your snowplow. Learn to use the plow blade, spread salt, and control the vehicle's speed and direction. 
  • Drive through realistic weather and different terrains. 
  • Change your strategy based on how much snow there is and the road conditions.
  • Clear the designated area within the time limit to move on to more challenging missions.

Game controls:

  • WASD-character/car control
  • Left mouse button — manual snow removal;
  • Esc-pause.

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