3.96 is an addictive multiplayer gameYour goal is to stake your claim on as much land as possible. Run through the spacecraft to cover more ground, while also dipping in and outside of your safe zone. Cut other players to get rid of them.

This dot io-game combines the exploits of crewmates from the viral survival video Among Us with territory-stealing games such as 2.

The crew members are trying to capture as much spacecraft as possible. Each player character gets a different color to decorate their own domain. Begin with a very small circle. Draw a circle outside of it, then draw a line and return inside to seal it. The area enclosed by the loop you created is also yours.


  • An Among Us impostor collection with different colors
  • Easy to play
  • Smooth motion
  • Colorful graphics and a vibrant soundtrack

How to play:

Use the touch control or the mouse to move in any direction

How To Play

Touch screen on mobile device to control your character movement. For desktop use mouse or keyboard (WASD / arrow keys).

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