Army Car Truck Transport Game
Army Car Truck Transport Game

Army Car Truck Transport Game


Army Car Truck Transport Game



Army Car Truck Transport Game is an exciting simulation game that puts players in the role of a professional military truck driver. Your task involves the safe and timely transportation of military vehicles and equipment to various bases.

In Army Car Truck Transport Game, you will start by choosing the right truck and then perform the required transport missions. You will have to drive the car through dangerous terrain, including rough mountain roads, smooth sand deserts, and even dangerous war zones. Skillful driving skills and time management ability are important factors to help you complete the mission excellently.


Use keyboard arrows to move vehicles and use space button to stop truck.


  • Realistic 3D graphics: The game possesses sharp 3D graphics, reproducing details of military vehicles and the surrounding environment.
  • Diverse missions: Players will be challenged with many different transportation missions, from easy to difficult, requiring concentration and good driving skills.
  • Rich Environment: The game offers many different types of terrain to explore, each with its own unique challenges.
  • Diverse vehicle system: Players can choose and upgrade many different types of military vehicles, from light trucks to heavy trucks.
  • Realistic game mode: Realistic driving mechanism helps players feel like driving a military vehicle in reality, with detailed physical elements simulated.
  • Vivid sound: The sound in the game is carefully designed, from the sound of the car engine to the sound of the environment, creating a vivid and realistic experience.
  • Customization Add-ons: Players can customize their vehicle with a variety of accessories and accessories, enhancing their transformation and mission efficiency.