Assassin Commando Car Driving
Assassin Commando Car Driving

Assassin Commando Car Driving


Assassin Commando Car Driving



Assassin Commando Car Driving is a thrilling driving game that combines exciting car chases. Don't let anything stop you from performing amazing stunts! You play a skilled assassin who uses a special car to move through city streets and the rough countryside to complete missions. The game takes place in a big, open world with many different areas, from busy city roads to wild, natural landscapes, offering an engaging and realistic experience.

Instructions to Play:

  • From the mission menu, choose a mission.
  • Use the on-screen controls or your keyboard to steer, accelerate, and brake.
  • Follow the on-screen objectives to complete missions, which may include reaching specific locations, evading pursuers, or eliminating targets.
  • Utilize the available weapons and gadgets mounted on your vehicle to overcome obstacles and enemies.
  • Upgrade your vehicle and equipment with the rewards earned from completing missions.


  • Open-world environment
  • Mission variety
  • Vehicle customization
  • Realistic physics
  • Multiplayer mode

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