Build Master: Bridge Race

Build Master: Bridge Race

Build Master: Bridge Race

Build Master: Bridge Race



In Build Master: Bridge Race, creativity meets competitiveness in the ultimate bridge-building and racing adventure! Build your own bridges, test their strength, and race against the time in this exhilarating adventure!

You are charged with designing and constructing bridges using an assortment of materials and structural components in Build Master: Bridge Race. Utilize flexible cables and robust steel beams to construct structures capable of withstanding the weight of racing vehicles and other obstacles.

As soon as your bridge is complete, the race begins! Attempt to cross the finish line in your vehicle while avoiding obstacles across the bridge before time runs out. Construction of a bridge, however, is only the beginning. Your construction will be put to the test as you race across it, with bridges collapsing under the weight of vehicles or crumbling under the pressure of high-speed racing. Only the most skilled builders and racers will emerge victorious in this thrilling competition.

How To Play

  • Use mouse to control in this game.
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