Burnout Crazy Drift
Burnout Crazy Drift

Burnout Crazy Drift


Burnout Crazy Drift



Burnout Crazy Drift allows you to drive a variety different cars and circuits. You can choose your route and drive your vehicle down the street to earn money. You might spend your money customizing your vehicle or buying amazing new engines to help conquer the course.

You can choose the perfect vehicle to show off your driving skills on the roads. The money earned during racing can be used to buy new vehicles. When you first start playing, the Ford Mustang will be your first car. However, the game also features older cars like the Nissan 350z and trucks as well as supercars such as the Bugatti Veyron. These powerful autos are possible to acquire if you have the money.

If you're seeking for show off street driving titles, go no further than our selection of driving games! Drift Hunters is the most popular driving game, with a large number of vehicles and terrain to choose from. If you like, you may play Drift Boss in arcade mode.

How To Play

  • W : or up arrow to press throttle
  • S : or down arrow to brake
  • AD or left/right arrows to navigate
  • Left shift/left ctrl to shift gears up/down
  • Spacebar for handbrake
  • F : to use NOS
  • G : to enter slowmotion mode
  • I : to start/stop the engine
  • L : to use low beam headlights
  • K : uses high beam headlights
  • C : to change camera.