Burnout Night Racing
Burnout Night Racing

Burnout Night Racing


Burnout Night Racing



Drive your supercar across the city at night and burn tires in Burnout Night Racing. Race against other racers and execute spectacular drifts to get a high drift score.

You may choose from three different types of stages in this game. They are circuit, time attack, drift, and knockout. At the circuit level, you must drive your automobile to complete three laps in the least amount of time. Your aim in the Time Attack level is to race with the other three drivers. At the drift level, your goal is to execute spectacular drifts in order to get as many drifting points as possible. At the knockout stage, you must race against another racer. Try your hardest to be the first person to complete three laps.

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How To Play

  • Press Arrow Keys to drive.
  • Press the Spacebar to use the handbrake.
  • Press the Shift+Up Arrow Key to increase the speed.