Car Crusher
Car Crusher

Car Crusher


Car Crusher



Car Crusher is a fun and engaging game that gives players a unique and satisfying experience of crushing a variety of different vehicles. BoomBit Games has created a game that combines strategy and action. As players progress through various levels, they can enhance their grinders and gain rewards.

The objective of the game Car Crusher is to proficiently operate the machine by touching and holding the screen to regulate the crusher's mechanics. Players accumulate currencies that may be applied to the enhancement of the crusher's capacity, speed, and power as vehicles are pulverized. In order to optimize grinding efficacy and advance through increasingly difficult levels, the game necessitates a combination of strategy and timing.

How To Play

Player 1

  • W - Accelerate
  • S - Decelerate/Reverse
  • A - Turn Left
  • D - Turn Right
  • N - Nitro
  • R - Reset

Player 2

  • Up Arrow - Accelerate
  • Down Arrow - Decelerate/Reverse
  • Left Arrow - Turn Left
  • Right Arrow - Turn Right
  • T - Nitro
  • R - Reset