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Car Out

Car Out

Car Out



Car Out is a fun puzzle game where you have to use your wits to get all the vehicles out of the cramped parking lot without getting stuck.

The objective of this game is to get the vehicles out of the parking lot smoothly without getting stuck. On each level, you will be in a different crowded parking lot. Here, a large number of vehicles lined up in the opposite direction are extremely crowded. Just touch each vehicle to move in the desired direction; all vehicles can be liberated on the road without difficulty.

Initially, it was quite simple because the number of cars was small, but when the parking lot expanded, the number of cars increased to tens or hundreds. They are harder to park and have more obstacles. To safely move multiple vehicles out of a parking lot without colliding with any barriers, obstacles, or other vehicles, careful planning and consideration are required.


  • Classic level gameplay: solve various puzzles one by one, get various rewards after clearing.
  • Challenge mode: including simple challenges and difficult challenges. The higher the difficulty, the more rewards.
  • Sign-in system: obtain coin rewards everyday.
  • Multiple skinning: various types of cars, different scenes, even car exhaust and NPC obstacles have different designs.

How To Play

  • Click the car to move it.
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