Car Smash

Car Smash

Car Smash

Car Smash



Car Smash is a super exciting and fast game made by TurboCrash Games. It puts players right in the middle of a crazy world where cars crash and smash all around. When you start playing, you get to choose from different cars, like muscle cars or monster trucks, all ready to crash and smash opponents. The game is like a big demolition derby party, and the key to winning is having the toughest and strongest vehicle.

Playing Car Smash is easy and fun. You're in an arena with ramps, obstacles, and power-ups that make the crashing even more wild. The goal is simple: be the last one standing by smashing into other cars while avoiding getting smashed yourself. The chaos happens in real-time, with every crash and explosion making the game super exciting. So, get ready to start your engines, create chaos, and aim to be the ultimate Car Smash champion! It's a wild ride that guarantees a lot of fun.

How To Play

Up Arrow Key: Throttle Down Arrow Key: Brake

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