Cargo Ship

Cargo Ship

Cargo Ship

Cargo Ship



With a Cargo Ship, you can go out on the seas to see the world and make money. Here, you can swim easily from port to port and get paid for it! Collect the colored boxes, sell them in the right places, and increase your earnings to unlock new towns on the map.

You already have a ship and a crew, so all you have to do is sail from port to port and pick up the strangest boxes. Tap and pull on the screen to move your ship in a certain way. Your map shows the places and prices. These prices show how much you can get for your things. Move around to find these things that can be sold, then sail back to the port to turn them into money. You are now ready to open up new areas on your map. If you open the prize boxes, you can get extra perks and move up in your new job.

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How To Play

  • You can use your mouse to play.
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