Cartoon Moto Stunt
Cartoon Moto Stunt

Cartoon Moto Stunt


Cartoon Moto Stunt



Cartoon Moto Stunt is an exciting motorbike stunt game that transports players to a bright world of adrenaline-fueled action and gravity-defying tricks.

In Cartoon Moto Stunt, you play a brave stunt motorcyclist who must navigate perilous circuits full of ramps, loops, and hazards. You must use intuitive touch controls or keyboard inputs to accelerate, stop, and tilt their bikes in order to stay balanced and perform jaw-dropping feats. Timing is essential as you launch off ramps, do mid-air flips, and string together combinations to accumulate points and attain high scores. With multiple game modes and increasingly challenging levels, mastering the art of stunt riding requires skill, precision, and nerves of steel.


  • Diverse stunt tracks.
  • Customizablemotorcycles.
  • Spectacular stunts.
  • Multiplayer mode.

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