Coins Transporter Monster Truck

Coins Transporter Monster Truck

Coins Transporter Monster Truck

Coins Transporter Monster Truck



The new monster truck game Coins Transporter Monster Truck is completely free to play. In this incredible driving game, your objective is to reach the destination with a car loaded with coins without colliding with the coin machine. If you lose all of your coins, the game ends. Attempt to transport every coin to earn a high score. Many obstacles will make it difficult to keep coins in the car, but if you slow down and avoid them in time, you will lose as few coins as possible. Utilize touch buttons, a game keyboard, or a standard keyboard (left, right arrows, A, and D keys). When completing the course, you must maintain at least one coin on the truck. There are many levels in the game, and the difficulty increases daily. Will you do our task well?


  • Multiple levels with increasing difficulty.
  • Realistic physics engine for dynamic gameplay.
  • Challenging obstacles and terrain to overcome.
  • High quality graphics and sound effects.

How To Play

Use touch button or game pad or keyboard (Left, right arrows and A , D Keys) When you finish the track you have to keep one or more coins on the truck.

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