Crazy Traffic Control
Crazy Traffic Control

Crazy Traffic Control


Crazy Traffic Control



In the fun and fast-paced strategy game Crazy Traffic Control, you take on the role of a traffic cop in a busy city. The main goal is to keep traffic moving smoothly at busy crossings so that crashes and traffic jams don't happen. To prevent chaos on the roads, you must manage traffic lights and direct vehicles.

How to play:

  • Start a level from the main menu.
  • Use the on-screen controls or your keyboard to change traffic lights and control the flow of vehicles.
  • To keep traffic moving smoothly, pay attention to the timing and sequence of traffic lights.
  • To avoid accidents, carefully monitor intersections and stop or allow vehicles as needed.
  • Earn points by keeping the traffic flowing without crashes or delays.


  • Plan Ahead: Anticipate vehicle movement and make traffic light changes in advance.
  • Maintain focus: Monitor all intersections to promptly adapt to evolving traffic conditions.
  • Balance Traffic Flow: To avoid long queues, alternate between letting different directions of traffic move.
  • Pauses: To better manage particularly busy intersections, use any available pause or slow-motion features.
  • Learn Patterns: To optimize your control strategy, recognize patterns in vehicle flow.

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