Desert Racing
Desert Racing

Desert Racing


Desert Racing



Desert Racing is a thrilling racing game that puts players in the dangerous world of off-road desert racing. The game takes place in vast, dry areas and requires players to find their way through dangerous dunes, rocky hills, and sandy paths.

How to Play

To play Desert Racing, you must first choose your car from a number of rough off-road choices, each with its own special features. To move around, use the on-screen driving wheel or the arrow keys. To change speeds, press the gas and stop buttons. You can race against other people or the clock, avoiding hurdles and getting through stages. When you finish races, you'll get prizes that you can use to improve your car or get access to new tracks.


  • Experience true-to-life vehicle handling on challenging desert terrain.
  • Choose from a range of off-road vehicles, each customizable with upgrades.
  • Race through beautifully rendered desert landscapes.
  • Navigate a variety of tracks with unique obstacles and layouts.
  • Compete against players worldwide in real-time races.

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