Do it up!

Do it up!

Do it up!

Do it up!



Get ready to show off your design and creativity skills in Do it up!, the ultimate game that lets you turn everyday rooms into amazing works of art. 

Dive into a world of interior design, where your imagination knows no bounds and the possibilities are limitless. Do it Up! challenges you to take on a variety of design projects, from cozy living rooms to chic offices, unleashing your flair for aesthetics and style. With an extensive array of furniture, decor items, and customization options, the game allows you to express your unique design vision. From concept to completion, every decision is yours to make. Are you ready to embark on a journey of design discovery, turning empty spaces into stunning works of art? Let your creative instincts run wild and experience the joy of bringing dream spaces to life in Do it up!

How To Play

  • Space - jump
  • Double space - jump higher
  • W - forward
  • A - left
  • D - right
  • S - back
  • You can also control the direction of the character using the arrows on the keyboard.
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