Drift Challenge

Drift Challenge

Drift Challenge

Drift Challenge



Drift Challenge is an online racing game where you can earn points by drifting along the track. To earn the maximum points and reach the goal score, slide around the track as much as you can. To unlock more levels, you need to reach the finish line before the time limit and beat the target score. It's a thrilling, challenging racing game!


  • 15+ cars
  • Nice vehicle physics (Simcade and Arcade modes)
  • Vehicle tune – engine, suspension, tires, buying rims and paint colors
  • Livery System
  • Weather system with day/night cycle
  • Controller Support
  • Steering wheels support
  • Local Stats
  • Perform stunts and tasks
  • Free Drift
  • Challenges Mode
  • Online Multiplayer

How To Play

  • Left and Right Arrow
  • Turn Left / Turn Right Up Arrow
  • Acceleration Down Arrow
  • Brake Space Bar
  • Make Drift
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