Drift Hunters 2: Sandbox Edition
Drift Hunters 2: Sandbox Edition

Drift Hunters 2: Sandbox Edition


Drift Hunters 2: Sandbox Edition



Welcome to Drift Hunters 2: Sandbox Edition, a cool sequel to the awesome drifting game. Take your place at the driver's seat, start the engines, and get ready for a ride! How far do you think you can travel?

In this game, you enter a world where the roads are like your canvas, and drifting is your masterpiece. It's set in a big sandbox environment, giving you lots of freedom to customize your car, tweaking everything from the engine to how it looks. There are loads of cars to pick from, each with its own special way of handling. You'll go on a journey to beat all the drifting challenges. You can drift with friends or compete solo, feeling the rush of excitement with every turn. Rev up your engines, strap in, and get ready to embark on the ultimate drifting adventure in Drift Hunters 2: Sandbox Edition.

Here are some features of Drift Hunters 2: Sandbox Edition:

  • Expansive sandbox evironment
  • Wide selection of cars
  • Multiplayer tandem drifting
  • Solo drifting challenges
  • Online leaderboards and achievements
  • User friendly controls

How To Play

  • W, click or up arrow to go forward
  • Down arrow or S to go backwards
  • Mouse to steer

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