Egg Dash
Egg Dash

Egg Dash


Egg Dash



Egg Dash is a thrilling game that challenges players to move through a world full of obstacles to collect as many eggs as possible. In this fun game, you will have to dash, jump, and fly through beautiful landscapes to collect eggs and overcome obstacles.

How To Play

  • Press any key on your keyboard or simply tap the screen to make your egg jump.
  • Maneuver through a variety of obstacles, from rolling boulders to treacherous pits, as you collect eggs scattered throughout the landscape.
  • Use these helpful items smartly to beat challenges and get more eggs.
  • Race against the clock, compete for the highest score, or team up for cooperative egg-collecting adventures. The possibilities are endless!
  • Uncover new characters, worlds, and challenges as you immerse yourself in this enchanting eggscursion!