Eggy Car
Eggy Car

Eggy Car


Eggy Car



Eggy Car is an informal game that lets you drive a car with an egg in it. When the egg escapes from your car, it cracks. Gather power-ups and move on.

Eggy Car lets you control gorgeous cars with an egg top. Take care to get down the slopes as quickly as possible in your car or egg. Eggy Car requires you to drive while transporting eggs over bumpy terrain. Driving safely away from eggs is your goal. To keep the egg from running away, you will need to navigate difficult and steep roads. To move further, you must collect coins while also moving. You should be calm and relaxed to ensure that the egg is retained for as long as possible. Eggy Car is a skill-based and fast-moving game. It requires intense focus. Concentrate all your efforts if the goal is to get the farthest egg. This game features many enjoyable features that will make your experience as fun as possible.


  • Keep the egg in the car
  • Drive over the hills and far away
  • Pick up coins to buy new cars
  • Celebrate Easter in this tricky game

How To Play

  • A / left arrow key = go backward
  • D / right arrow key = go forward