Extreme Drift Car Simulator

Extreme Drift Car Simulator

Extreme Drift Car Simulator

Extreme Drift Car Simulator



Extreme Drift Car Simulator transports you to a whole new universe with the ultimate driving simulation. Allow yourself to explore every nook of the map and get immersed in something you've never experienced before. Choose your favorite sports vehicle, then customize it with great new modification options and begin drifting. Drift your genuine sports vehicle till the tires fire and you get the highest score. This cutting-edge automobile driving simulator provides the ultimate drifting experience. Not only that, but drive as quickly as you can while doing freestyle acrobatics on buildings, residences, and bridges.

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How To Play

W -Accelerate,

S -Backward.

A -Steer Left.

D -Steer Right.

Space – Brake.

L -Mouse Cursor.

P/Esc -Pause.

I- Car On/Off.

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