Football Heads
Football Heads

Football Heads


Football Heads



Football Heads can be a very entertaining game. You can compete against virtual elite athletes in a series one-on-1 contests.

You will enjoy this fun sport, regardless of whether you are playing football or soccer. Before you take to the field, make sure to customize your player. In a fascinating encounter, there will be an opponent ready to challenge you.

This is just one of many. Are you able to move up the ranks in each category and even win trophies? You will also discover some very special players as you progress. Find out what happens when you go on the field with an android or werewolf!

How To Play

  • PRESS A to run left.
  • PRESS D to run right.
  • PRESS J to jump.
  • PRESS K to kick the ball.
  • PRESS L to kick a ball into the air.