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Free Gear is a fun 3D version of a popular racing game. There are 20 races, and each one takes place in a different place and in different weather. Are you ready to get in your sports car and hit the gas?

The goal of free gear is to race against other players in five tournaments to win the world title. You can only play in the next event if you already qualified to play in the one before it. If you win, you'll not only be able to enter the next competition, but you'll also get credits that you can use to upgrade things like handling, boost, nitrous, and top speed. You can also make your car a different color. You have to come first, second, or third to get the credits. There are four different races in each tournament, and you can change the options for each race individually. You can change the weather, the amount of light, and how many laps you do. Put on your sunglasses and fix your seat, then get ready to speed up on your great road.

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How To Play

  • Use the arrow keys to move around.
  • Press the Z and X keys to change gears.
  • Press the C key to use the nitro. Press the P key to pause the game.
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