FunnyVehicles is a fun racing game that mixes unique vehicle designs with vivid, cartoon-style visuals to provide an engaging experience for gamers of all ages. You can pick from a bunch of strange and unusual cars in the game, like big tricycles, bikes that run on rockets, and flying mats. 

How to play

 In FunnyVehicles, you start by picking out your favorite crazy car and then adding a bunch of funny extras to it. To move your car along the brightly colored lines, use the arrow keys or the joystick. Press the "accelerate" button to go faster, and press the "brake" switch to slow down or stop. Find power-ups and coins hidden around the track to temporarily improve your performance or gain access to new cars and modification options. To win, you have to get past barriers, do tricks, and guess your opponents' moves.

Tips and tricks

  • Try out a few different cars until you find the one that fits your driving style the best.
  • To get an edge over your opponents, save power-ups for when they'll be most useful.
  • Understand the layout of the tracks to avoid obstacles and find the fastest path.
  • Stunts and tricks will help you move faster and impress your opponents.
  • During races, collect coins to get new cars and items for customizing your ride.

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