GX Racing

GX Racing

GX Racing

GX Racing


GX Racing is a real-time online driving game in which users compete against opponents from all around the globe. Each participant climbs on a motorcycle and attempts to be the quickest on a jump-filled circuit.

In GX Racing, you do not have direct control over the motorbike. Instead, you must touch the screen at the appropriate time to obtain a decent start and again just before jumping. If you execute this correctly, you will most likely be the first to cross the finish line. Between races, you must update your motorbike. Even if you timing your leaps precisely, if you don't increase your acceleration and peak speed, you'll start slipping behind. Of course, if you make enough money, you can also acquire nicer bikes. GX Racing is a fun online racing game with basic game mechanics and stunning visuals. You may also unlock a plethora of bikes and compete in various levels.


  • Compete with players from around the world.
  • Do insane tricks.
  • Unlock and upgrade 20 motorcycles.
  • Choose from countless motorcycle and character customization features.
  • Progress through multiple leagues to the top.

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How To Play

Use Mouse To Play and Keyboard!

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