Jet Fighter Airplane Racing
Jet Fighter Airplane Racing

Jet Fighter Airplane Racing


Jet Fighter Airplane Racing



Jet Fighter Airplane Racing is a super exciting game where you fly fast planes in races high up in the sky. You'll zoom through cool places like cities, mountains, and oceans, with awesome graphics that make it look real. Racing is tough, so you'll need to be really quick and careful to beat other players. You can also make your plane look awesome with different upgrades and colors. There are different ways to play, like doing challenges by yourself or racing against others online. You'll have to dodge things in your way, do cool tricks, and use powerful weapons to win. Jet Fighter Airplane Racing delivers an adrenaline-fueled rush like no other, offering an unforgettable gaming experience for aviation enthusiasts and speed demons alike. Get ready to fly high and be the best in this epic racing adventure!


  • Engaging 3D graphics offering an immersive gaming experience.
  • Fly different classic military aircraft like F-22 Raptor, SU-35 “Flanker-E”, MiG-29 "Fulcrum", etc.
  • Achievement rewards for hitting specific flying milestones.
  • Different missions that test your piloting prowess across various scenarios.

How To Play

  • Jet Movement: WASD
  • Machine Gun: Space
  • Missile: Shift
  • Speed Up: ↑
  • Slow Down: ↓
  • Barrel Roll: Q
  • Inside Loop: E
  • Heat Traps: R