Mini Monkey Mart
Mini Monkey Mart

Mini Monkey Mart


Mini Monkey Mart



In Mini Monkey Mart, you play as a cute monkey who is in charge of a store. Do you know how to run the best farmer's market in town?

Prepare to have a good time while running your own monkey mini-market. In this entertaining game, you are entrusted with establishing a mini-market for a bunch of hungry monkeys. To get started, it's important to grow bananas because monkeys like to eat them. When the bananas are ready, pick them up and put them on the counter.

As customers begin to arrive, collect the eggs from the hens that have been fed bananas and position them on the counter. With the money you make, you can sell more food items like banana juice in a can, flour, bread, milk, and so on. As the store grows and the number of customers slowly rises, you will need to hire a few more people to help you run it.

How To Play

  • Movement: Mouse LEFT CLICK.
  • Control your monkey with the mouse.
  • Start the game by growing bananas.
  • Buy new products and stalls with the money you have saved.