Monster Truck 3D Winter
Monster Truck 3D Winter

Monster Truck 3D Winter


Monster Truck 3D Winter



Monster Truck 3D Winter is a fantastic racing game that takes place on snow. Ski down the slopes to achieve the highest possible score.

All people like to ride in a big truck. This is exciting, and nothing compares to the feeling of power when riding in such large vehicles. This could make you even happier. As it's the Christmas season, there are a lot of gift boxes. As you look around, try to grab as many Christmas gift boxes as possible. As quickly as you can, try to get through the ramps. The goal is to make it to the final destination as quickly as you possibly can. The more you play, the better and newer trucks you unlock. Playing the game will allow you to unlock better trucks and more characters.

How To Play

To control, use the WASD or ARROW KEYS.

Player 1: Press SHIFT to use Nitro. Press D, X, C, and V to drive.
Tricks gets an A.

Player 2: To drive, use the arrow keys.
Nitro is an O and Tricks is a P.