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Moto Rush

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Moto Rush



Moto Rush is an action-packed motorcycle racing game that combines high-speed thrills with challenging obstacles and stunts. The game thrusts you into a competitive racing environment where you must navigate through traffic, leap over ramps, and avoid hazards to reach the finish line first.

Instructions to Play

To play Moto Rush, start by selecting your motorcycle from a variety of options, each with unique stats and abilities. To steer, use the on-screen joystick or arrow keys, as well as the accelerator and brake buttons to control your speed. Navigate through busy streets, highways, and off-road tracks, performing stunts and dodging obstacles. Complete each race by crossing the finish line before your opponents. Collect coins and power-ups during races to enhance your bike's performance and unlock new bikes and tracks.


  • Practice steering and balancing your bike to handle high speeds and tight turns.
  • To gain an advantage, collect power-ups and strategically use boosts.
  • To maintain your speed, stay alert and dodge traffic and hazards.
  • For better race performance, focus on improving speed and handling.
  • Perform stunts on ramps to earn extra points and rewards.

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