Parking Escape

Parking Escape

Parking Escape

Parking Escape



Parking Escape is a challenging sliding puzzle game about how to get all the cars out of the parking lot. Now it's time for you to use all the city living experience you have and enjoy some fun pastimes with the ultimate escape game. Are you ready to let those cars out of their jinxed parking spaces in the parking lot?

As the game's name suggests, your only goal is to get the cars out of the parking lot without panicking or getting frustrated; this should be pretty easy as long as you stay focused. these matters calmly! Get bonuses for completing levels quickly and without making mistakes! In this busy and crowded city, there are many mailboxes, trash cans, parking cones, fire hydrants, and more. Just be careful with these everyday items so you don't bump into them and damage your car. That will definitely land you some pennies, just like crashing one car into another. So get ready and work carefully to clear this congestion and free the vehicles!

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• 3D colorful graphics.
• Multiple levels to complete.
• Requirement of strategic thinking.
• Vehicles to unlock.

How To Play

  • PC/Mac(Web): Simply slide the cars with your mouse.
  • Mobile: Slide your finger on the car you want to help.
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