Parking Man

Parking Man

Parking Man

Parking Man



Parking Mania is a fun and addicting driving and parking game in which the player must maneuver various vehicles past various obstacles and position them in predetermined spaces. Start with the vehicles closest to the perimeter, remove them to create new roads, and work your way inward. The player controls the vehicle with the arrow keys and employs the spacebar to apply the brakes. Without colliding with any obstacles, the player must navigate the vehicle through the parking lot and park it in the designated spot. Different camera angles are utilized to provide the player with a clearer view of the environment and parking spot. It is an enjoyable and engaging experience due to the game's engaging gameplay, vivid visuals, and realistic sound effects. Whether you are a fan of puzzle games or simulation games or are just looking for an entertaining way to pass the time, Parking Mania is an excellent option.

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How To Play

  • Click or tap the screen: park the car in an empty space.
  • Spacebar: park in an empty space.
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