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Pocket Car Master

Pocket Car Master

Pocket Car Master



Welcome to Pocket Car Master, where you design and race cool cars! In this game, you'll pick your favorite tiny car and get creative with customizing it. From speedy sports cars to tough trucks, there's something for everyone. Once you've chosen your car, it's time to make it your own in the garage.

You can change everything about your car, like its color, decorations, and wheels. Whether you want a fast racer or a fun-looking car, you can make it happen. Then, it's time to hit the tracks and race against others. You'll face different challenges on each track, like tricky turns and obstacles. Use special powers, drift around corners, and speed up to beat your opponents. Whether you're racing against the computer or friends, every race is full of excitement.

Pocket Car Master is all about having fun and winning races with your awesome car designs. So get ready to race and show off your skills on the tracks!


  • Easy to operate the car by drawing a line
  • Available to claim coins and a special supercar by signing in 7 days
  • Claim double of rewards by watching ads
  • 9 vehicles in the garage: 6 of them require 500 coins randomly, 3 of them need special unlocking conditions

How To Play

  • Drag a line = park the car
  • Tap or hold = exit
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