Pocket Drift 3D

Pocket Drift 3D

Pocket Drift 3D

Pocket Drift 3D



Pocket Drift 3D is a game where you control your toy truck through dirt tracks that are filled with cash.

To get to the finish line in record time, you need to collect as many coins possible and avoid any obstacles. You can simply focus on changing lanes, using brakes whenever necessary and driving the car in the right direction. The automobile drift game will move at its own speed. The Pocket Drift 3D will allow you to view your vehicle from a spectator's viewpoint, so it may take some getting used to.

However, after just a few laps, your Tokyo drift game skills will improve and you will be able perform any maneuver that you wish. You can unlock mystery boxes to gain additional power-ups, such as magnets, cash multipliers, and so forth. You will have a blast playing Pocket Drift 3D.

How To Play

Use Arrow Keys Or tap Screen Left, Right

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