Police Car Real Cop Simulator

Police Car Real Cop Simulator

Police Car Real Cop Simulator

Police Car Real Cop Simulator



Experience the thrilling world of law enforcement in Police Car Real Cop Simulator, where you become the ultimate crime-fighting force.

This immersive game thrusts you into the heart of the action as a real cop, patrolling the city streets and upholding justice. With realistic graphics and dynamic gameplay, Police Car Real Cop Simulator provides a true-to-life simulation of the challenges faced by police officers. From high-speed chases to responding to emergency situations, you'll need sharp instincts and quick reflexes to maintain order and keep the city safe. Equip yourself with an array of police tools, engage in thrilling pursuits, and navigate through a bustling open-world environment. Are you ready to enforce the law, protect the innocent, and experience the intensity of being a real cop? Brace yourself for an authentic and action-packed journey in the Police Car Real Cop Simulator!

How To Play

Move: "W,A,S,D
Siren: "H"
Missions: "Z"
Camera switch: "C"
Reset car: "R"
Roll: "Q"
Instruction: "I"
Car enter/Exit: "F"
Map: "M"
Inventory: "E"
Pause: "ESC"
Weapon switch: "MOUSE SCROLL"
NOS/Sprint: "L-SHIFT"
Jump: "SPACE"

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