Popcorn Race 3D

Popcorn Race 3D

Popcorn Race 3D

Popcorn Race 3D



Popcorn Race 3D invites you to play an entertaining game that will keep everyone busy for hours. Walk across the platform, and you'll see how this race turns out.

You play the role of a corn ear that is bare and needs to have its kernels added. You must overcome obstacles and grab the kernels to get the corn covered in kernels. A mouse can be used to turn the kernel. You will find groups of kernels scattered across the platform. All you need to do is walk over them. Be careful, as there may be some fires that will burn your kernels and other items that could cause you harm. To keep the maximum number of kernels on your platform, you must avoid them all. You'll receive diamonds when you complete a level. These can be used to unlock skins or boost corn num and butter acce as well as reward coins. Let's find out if we can keep pace with the race to make the most of this season's corn.

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How To Play

Slide to move!

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