Puzzle Parking 3D

Puzzle Parking 3D

Puzzle Parking 3D

Puzzle Parking 3D



Puzzle Parking 3D is a game in which you play as a driver and use your intelligence to park your vehicle in the correct parking spot. Come and test yourself immediately! It is time to demonstrate your driving proficiency.

To install, simply select where you want to park the car, and a ready line will appear. The car will then follow the line onto the road. There are hundreds of levels in the game, and each level introduces new missions. There will be numerous impediments on the way to the parking lot, including a variety of vehicles. To accomplish a level in Puzzle Parking 3D, you will be required to complete a series of intermediate quests, followed by the main quest.

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How To Play

  • A mouse is all that is required for the player to control the direction of the car while they are playing this game. 
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