Russian TAZ Driving 2

Russian TAZ Driving 2

Russian TAZ Driving 2

Russian TAZ Driving 2



Welcome to Russian TAZ Driving 2, where you'll experience the excitement of off-road driving on tough terrain. Show off your best driving skills with different Russian vehicles!

In Russian TAZ Driving 2, you get to drive the tough TAZ, renowned for its durability and ruggedness. Your goal is to drive through tough places like rocky mountains and muddy swamps, using your skills to handle each challenge. You can pick from different TAZ vehicles, each with its own features and ways to change how it looks. Upgrade your vehicle to make it better for the obstacles ahead.

As you traverse through the Russian wilderness, you'll face lots of challenges, like steep hills, deep mud, and unpredictable weather. Use your driving skills to get past them and reach your goal safely. Plus, you can do missions, race against computer opponents, or explore the big open world to find hidden stuff. There's tons to do to keep you entertained for hours!


  • Diverse selection of Russian cars: Each car is unique with its speed, power, and drifting capabilities.
  • Crowded cityscape: Dynamic environment filled with gopniks gives an authentic Russian feel while providing challenging obstacles.
  • Action-packed races: Face off against skilled opponents in thrilling street races across the city.
  • Intricate Drifting System: Pull off stunning drifts and earn bonus points for style and technique.

How To Play

  • WASD - control
  • Space - handbrake
  • C - change the camera
  • Mouse - camera rotation
  • B - look back
  • R - screen recording
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