Stunt Car Extreme Online
Stunt Car Extreme Online

Stunt Car Extreme Online


Stunt Car Extreme Online



Stunt Car Extreme Online is a fast-paced, adrenaline-fueled racing game that brings the excitement of stunt driving to new heights.

In this game, you may choose from a wide range of customizable stunt vehicles, each with its own set of qualities and powers, enabling you to adapt the experience to your own play style. Whether it's elegant sports cars, tough off-roaders, or agile drifting machines, there's a vehicle for every sort of stunt driver. Stunt Car Extreme Online also includes a range of game modes to keep the action new and entertaining. In competitive multiplayer races, you'll face off in violent struggles for dominance, conquering obstacles and pulling insane acrobatics to gain an advantage. For those searching for a solitary challenge, single-player time trials and stunt challenges allow you to polish your abilities and create new records.

How To Play

  • Mouse to move the camera WASD
  • Arrow keys to drive
  • Spacebar Brake
  • C change camera