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Welcome to Toy Rider, where you can race through awesome toy worlds! Pick your favorite toy car, truck, or spaceship, and get ready for some fun races against colorful opponents. Each level is full of cool obstacles like loops and jumps, so get ready for a wild ride!

In Toy Rider, it's not just about going fast; you'll need to use your brain too. To help you win, grab power-ups along the way, like speed boosts or shields. Don't forget to do some awesome stunts to impress your friends and score extra points. Get ready for an adventure unlike any other in Toy Rider!

Features of Toy Rider

  • Miniature home environment graphics.
  • 100+ Unique Cars.
  • 24+ race tracks.
  • Off road racing.
  • Lot’s of rewards & gifts.
  • Customize and upgrade your cars.