Traffic Light Simulator 3D
Traffic Light Simulator 3D

Traffic Light Simulator 3D


Traffic Light Simulator 3D



Traffic Light Simulator 3D is an original simulation game in which you take charge of a city's traffic management system. The goal is to ensure a smooth flow of traffic by intelligently managing traffic lights at different crossings. 

Instructions to Play

To play Traffic Light Simulator 3D, first choose a city map and a difficulty level. Use the on-screen controls to change traffic lights from red to green and vice versa, ensuring that traffic flows smoothly and without generating congestion or accidents. Pay attention to the flow of cars, pedestrians, and emergency vehicles, which may demand precedence. To avoid congestion, monitor traffic density and modify signal timing. To go on to more complicated situations, complete objectives and tasks within a certain deadline.


  • Realistic 3D graphics
  • Dynamic traffic
  • Multiple maps
  • Level progression