Training Race 3D

Training Race 3D

Training Race 3D

Training Race 3D



Training Race 3D is a game in which you may race on fantastic courses at speeds of up to 300 km/h! The game features different tracks and nine game modes, including circuit racing, sprint, race against time, and speed trap. To compete in races, you may choose one of three automobiles with varying handling qualities, maximum speed, and acceleration.

A lap race has numerous laps, and you must finish first to win. A sprint race has no laps; the winner is the first to cross the finish line. In time-race mode, you must be on time. In elimination mode, you must constantly be ahead, since the last player is eliminated on each lap. So, choose your game setting, choose your vehicle, and begin training races. Step on the throttle, apply nitro for quick acceleration, and win!

How To Play

  • Use arrow keys to drive
  • C : Change View
  • N : Nitro
  • L : Light
  • V : Clutch
  • R : Reset
  • ESC : Menu
  • B : Look Back
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