Villager Bus Simulator
Villager Bus Simulator

Villager Bus Simulator


Villager Bus Simulator



Villager Bus Simulator is a fun and unique simulation game that puts players in the shoes of a bus driver who serves a quiet town in the country. This game lets you experience the fun and difficulties of taking a bus in a rural area.

You can go on different routes in the game Villager Bus Simulator, and all of them require you to be able to drive a big vehicle like a bus very well. One thing that all lines have in common is that the bus has to pick up people and take them where they need to go. Buses running inside the city must often make stops. This is where you'll begin. Leave the garage and go to the first stop. In Villager Bus Simulator, you have to wait for people to get on the bus before going to the next stop.

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How To Play

  • W/Up - Acceleration.
  • S/Down - Brake.
  • R - Reverse shift.
  • C- Camera.