Wheel Chair Driving Simulator
Wheel Chair Driving Simulator

Wheel Chair Driving Simulator


Wheel Chair Driving Simulator



Welcome to Wheel Chair Driving Simulator, a game where you test your skills by driving a wheelchair and an ambulance through a bustling city full of challenges.

In the Wheel Chair Driving Simulator, you start by choosing your character and customizing your wheelchair with different options and features. The game has a variety of locations to explore, including city streets, parks, shopping malls, and rugged outdoor areas. Each place has its own challenges, like moving through crowds, going up steep ramps, handling bumpy surfaces, and avoiding obstacles. Additionally, you can earn rewards for completing missions, which you can use to upgrade your wheelchair or unlock new features. 

How To Play

  • Press the up arrow or "W" key.
  • Move Backward: Press the down arrow or "S" key.
  • Turn Left: Press the left arrow or "A" key.
  • Turn Right: Press the right arrow or "D" key.
  • Use the mouse to adjust the camera view.
  • Pause/Settings: Press the "Esc" key to pause the game and access settings.