Wheel Race 3D

Wheel Race 3D

Wheel Race 3D

Wheel Race 3D



Wheel Race 3D is a thrilling reaction racing game in which you must make the best possible decision by altering your car's wheels at precisely the right moment. Only fast reflexes and a quick mind can propel you to victory.

For each race, you have your own track, while your opponents have their own. The winner is the first person to cross their finish line, and you must be the first to do so to complete the level. When encountering different terrains such as desert, gravel, ice, and fire, among others, tires suitable for those terrains have been selected, and the vehicle's overall speed can be taken into account. Change your tires quickly to match the terrain. Choosing the incorrect wheel will slow you down, so avoid this error as much as possible and always use the correct wheel to win. Have fun until you've completed all levels! Prepare yourself for a variety of experiences on various surfaces in this game.


  • Unique minimalist gameplay that is super intuitive and incredibly addicting.
  • 8 wheel types optimized for specific road conditions.
  • Awesome unlockable rides, each with its own advantages and characteristics.
  • Numerous randomly generated levels with unpredictable layouts.
  • Superb 3D graphics and satisfying sound effects.

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How To Play

  • Use your mouse to pick the suitable wheel for different type of road.
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