Xtreme Drift 2
Xtreme Drift 2

Xtreme Drift 2


Xtreme Drift 2



Xtreme Drift 2 is a fast-paced racing game that puts your drifting talents to the test. In this wonderful multiplayer racing game, you may drive up to 30 different sports vehicles that you can personalize and tune to your preference. Put the pedal to the metal and attempt to claim first place by negotiating turns at breakneck speeds without leaving the track. Show off your mastery and become part of the best driving team in the world!

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  • Drift in the city.
  • 6 different tracks.
  • With 4 different modes (Drift, Race, Freestyle, Multiplayer)
  • 40 Realistic engine sounds.
  • Drive 30 powerful and exciting, highly detailed drift cars
  • Realistic 3D graphics.

How To Play

  • Arrows / WASD = drive, Space = handbrake.